Red Metallic Roses

We were asked to design a photo booth for a Valentine’s dance party at The Crown, a club in Baltimore. We really wanted to do something different and special with giant roses, and our darling friend had an irresistible suggestion – “red metallic would be so sexxxy..”.. Metallic / foil is something we had never tried (only daydreamed of), and I wasn’t sure if we had the means to make it happen, but after a little research & brainstorming, a perfect plan emerged..

Smooth white paper substrate on 4×8 sheets of plywood:

We printed 2 sets of the complete design in thin black outlines on paper, each rose piece being assigned a number. Altogether there are 179 pieces..

One set goes on the panels like wallpaper..

The other set is taped on top of red metallic sticker-backed vinyl as a cutting guide. Each rose piece is kept with its corresponding numbered paper piece until it’s ready to be put on the wall, which makes it easy to know where it should go.

The red vinyl:

Vinyl / paper cutting & sticking in progress..

I’m saving all the scraps of vinyl from the negative space between the roses, to do a reverse image on a small part of my floor. The floor is sky blue, and I think it will look pretty sweet with the red metallic rose outlines! Soooon…

The finished photo booth (both panels attached to make 8×8). See photos from the party @


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