Vinyl Cutting Exploration

This design will be installed on a wall at K. Stewart Salon next weekend. I’m using cut vinyl again, but instead of hand-cutting and piecing it together like i did with the last installation, this time I’m taking it to the next level. More details and photos to come of the final piece, but in the meantime here’s a bit about the process…

The vinyl rooom…

The vinyl cutting machine – it only cuts through the orange sticker layer, so the backing is all still intact. It took about an hour and a half to cut out my design, which was on a 4′ x 30′ roll. The design is basically square, so the file had to be cut into thirds, and will be installed as 3 vertical panels.

Then the unwanted parts in the negative space can be carefully peeled away – a term called “weeding”.

The most brilliant part, in my opinion – the part that made me almost cry for joy – is the final step – the transfer tape.. (I went into this project not even knowing this step existed, and not really knowing how the process of getting the orange part onto the wall flawlessly was going to be executed – with only faith that I would think of a solution when the time came).. Anyway, the transfer tape is like a huge roll of masking tape that you roll onto the face of the vinyl after it’s weeded. It sticks to the front of the design, and allows you to peel off the backing, while holding all the vinyl pieces in position, and exposing the sticky side – so you can just stick the whole thing straight onto the wall all at once, instead of one piece at a time. Then you carefully peel off the transfer tape (cuz it comes off fairly easily like masking tape would), and your design is left stuck to the wall!!! Yay! It sounds really easy – I still haven’t gotten to that step yet, so we’ll seeeee………

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